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WATCH: Bill Clinton Rape-Accuser Reveals What Hillary Did to Scare Her “to Death”

Over the past few weeks, the general election has changed from a battle about the issues that affect all Americans to two campaigns lobbing accusations of sexual assault at each other.

Several women have all of a sudden come forward to claim that Republican nominee Donald Trump sexually harassed or assaulted them, and Trump has fired right back at the Clinton campaign by bringing up former President Bill Clinton’s many accusers.

Juanita Broaddrick is one of those accusers. Broaddrick, who claimed that Clinton raped her in 1978, told Sean Hannity about how Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton threatened her after the rape had occurred, Fox News reported.

“She comes straight to me and says to me, big smile, very pleasant voice, says to me, ‘I’m Hillary Clinton. It’s so nice to meet you. I just want to thank you for everything that you do for Bill’s campaign,’” Broaddrick explained.

“And I was just going to turn and leave. I nodded and was going to leave. And I feel somebody grabbing my arm and I thought it was somebody behind me. And it was her,” she said.

Broaddrick stated that Clinton then said “Do you understand everything you do?” in a “very angry” and “very low” voice.

“And that just scared me to death,” she confessed. “That woman looking straight into my eyes, very angrily saying that to me. I felt like at


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